one of the most desperate of calamities

” They live in a world of utter, unbroken soundlessness and silence.”

” Whether defness is „preferable” to blindness, if aquired in later life, is arguable; but to be born deaf is infinitely more serious than to be born blind – at least potentially so. For the prelingually deaf, unable to hear their parents, risk being severely retarded, if not permanently defective, in their grasp of language unless early and effective measures are taken. And to be defective in language, for a human being, is one of the most desperate of calamities, for it is only through language that we enter fully into our human estate and culture, communicate freely with our fellows, aquire and share information.

” The existence of a visual language, Sign, and of the striking enhancements of perception and visual intelligence that go with its aquisition, shows us that the brain is rich in potentials we would scarcely have guessed of, shows us the almost unlimited plasticity and resource of the nervous system, the human organism, when it is faced with the new and it must adapt. If this subject shows us the vulnerabilities, the ways in which (often unwittingly) we may harm ourselves, it shows us, equally, our unknown and unexpected strenghts, the infinite resources for survival and transcendence which Nature and Culture, together,have given us.”

(Oliver Sacks – Seeing Voices)

Sublinierea imi apartine. Daca vreodata va intalniti cu o carte semnata de acest domn, vi le recomand cu cel mai mare drag (eu am inceput cu Omul care si-a confundat sotia cu o palarie – iar titlul nu e deloc o joaca de cuvinte, ci un caz real). Fie si pentru a vedea de ce este capabil creierul uman, de limitarile aproape inexistente si de surprizele pe care viata ti le poate oferi atunci cand pare ca nu mai are nimic bun de dat. Seeing Voices este un studiu despre lumea celor surzi, a celor care trebuie sa isi re-creeze un mod de a comunica cu lumea. Un studiu dureros, pe alocuri, atunci cand arunci cu ochii spre istorie. Surprinzator, atunci cand iti dai seama ca exista moduri prin care oamenii sunt capabili sa isi formeze o comunitate cu un limbaj specific, ce nu exprima doar cuvinte de baza, ci poate reduce la gesturi concepte pe care filosofi le dezbat in sute de pagini. Sunt undeva pe la pagina 50, citesc in liniste si cu mintea deschisa. E o lectie frumoasa.


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